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Creditors’ Rights

The Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy Department combines the experience of the firm's foreclosure, bankruptcy, workout, real estate and litigation attorneys.

The Department represents local and national servicers, lenders, banks, credit unions, gse’s and other creditors with respect to their default servicing needs. Our representation includes, amongst other things, the handling of foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, REO and collection matters. Our attorneys represent creditors in all aspects of Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcies including Motions for Relief from Stay and objections to Chapter 13 plans, adversary proceedings, preference and fraudulent conveyance actions, determination of dischargeability of certain debts, etc. We have conducted thousands of residential and commercial foreclosures, and streamline the foreclosure process by rapidly resolving title issues and other impediments to foreclosure.

Our Creditors’ Rights Department also handles a variety of creditor litigation related to consumer and commercial debt, utilizing sophisticated prejudgment and post judgment remedies to secure and obtain payment of judgments. 

Contact: Department Head Robert F. Tenney