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Probate and Estate Planning

Probate and Estate Planning

The Probate and Estate Planning Department advises clients across the full spectrum of estate planning and estate administration.

We prepare the following estate planning documents for clients:

  • wills
  • revocable trusts
  • irrevocable and insurance trusts
  • charitable trusts
  • health care proxies
  • durable powers of attorney

In each case, we review your estate planning goals and evaluate optimal tax planning and probate avoidance options. For married couples, we scrutinize the asset allocation between spouses to achieve the full utilization of each individual's estate tax credit. This strategy enables us to maximize estate tax savings and preserve a larger portion of an estate for surviving family members. We pride ourselves in educating clients so they can evaluate all available estate planning vehicles and make informed decisions based on their specific needs.

We advise clients and their families on the full spectrum of senior-specific issues, including:

  • sophisticated planning for long-term care and/or Medicaid benefits, including the use of irrevocable trusts and other gifting vehicles
  • evaluation of various long-term care insurance options
  • applying for Medicaid benefits
  • securing of guardianship for incapacitated family members

We also help families administer trusts and estates efficiently and cost-effectively.

We have extensive experience in handling the full range of probate administration issues, from simple voluntary or informal proceedings which we utilize whenever possible, to complex probate proceedings, including resolution of estate-related controversies and disputes.

Contact: Department Head Richard B. Schafer