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Members of our Mediation Department are called upon to act as neutrals, whether before or after litigation is commenced, for parties who elect to attempt informal resolution of their disputes in a confidential setting away from the courtroom. We offer services as mediators (assisting parties to reach a negotiated resolution aimed at meeting the interests of all parties) or case evaluators (a non-binding process where the evaluator provides review and assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s position). With either option, resolution is voluntary and negotiated, and offers an alternative to having the ultimate decision imposed by a judge or jury. If a negotiated resolution is not achieved, then the parties may choose to return to the courts to continue the litigation process.

Our Mediation Department is headed by Scott L. Machanic and William M. Zall.

Having participated in the mediation of scores of cases in which he represented parties, Attorney Machanic became certified as a mediator as a result of training with Metropolitan Mediation Services in Brookline, MA in 2011. He has since also completed certification as a conciliator through MCLE training, and monthly assists the Lowell District Court in case resolution, acting as a conciliator on Fridays. While his background had been related to personal injury and property damage claims, because Cunningham, Machanic is a small general practice firm, Attorney Machanic has litigated matters in a wide variety of areas, as will be apparent upon a review of the “Litigation” link on this site.

Attorney Zall’s legal experience has been focused in the areas of employment law and creditors’ rights, providing representation in our state and federal courts, as well as in informal mediation settings. He is active as a neutral mediator in the District Court Department, where he mediates a wide variety of matters on a voluntary basis to assist in relieving the court’s case backlog. Attorney Zall received his mediation certification from Mediation Works, Inc., in 2013, fulfilling requirements under the Massachusetts Confidentiality Statute , MGL Chapter 233, §23C.

Contact: Department Head Scott L. Machanic